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The specifications of the multi-broiler KERGRILL has been developed in close collaboration with professional caterers, for the satisfaction of the most demanding.

Conceived and manufactured by GMMI, a professional of the agri-food business for over 15 years, KERGRILL is made of stainless steel certified suitable for food products, for a perfect quality.

The cooking of large pieces of meat as part of celebration are still often performed using a wood fire. With its propane gas heating, KERGRILL, appliance certified Certigaz, allows easier cooking control with security conditions improved.

Its design provides maximum hygiene.

A green KERGRILL : in respect for the environment, the holding tank is welded tight in order to recover the cooking juices. It also serves to canalize the sewage and detergent products.


The KERGRILL roof : It was when they were looking for ways to respect flavours that GMMI designers developed the Kergrill roof. The objective was to obtain a rotating heat effect in the heart of the broiler. The meat remains moist, a feature so very appreciated by lovers of good flesh.

In addition, when used outdoor, the roof protects Kergrill from potential bad weather. Kergrill may be used in all seasons.


Mobile and multipurpose the KERGRILL broiler comes in several versions: casual user or professional, on trailer or chassis, KERGRILL suits all your needs.


A practical multifunction arm : researched and patented by GMMI, this innovation brings to KERGRILL an ease of work eagerly awaited by professionals.

Combined with the cutting table, this arm facilitates the preparation of the pieces to cook.

Powered by a winch, it allows a precise approach to the heating point and a control of the cooking.

Its clever design makes it an ergonomic chopboard.